Caorunn Gin
I love gin. But what I love more than gin, is tiny little bottles of gin that are just so adorable to feature on the side or in the alcohol cupboard! But as we are so often told, size isn't everything! This gin punches above its weight even in a miniature version, and is truly delicious when served alongside your favourite tonic water or even bitter lemon - which is my new favourite drink. At 41.8% strength, this gin is about 6% lower volume than Tanqueray. Meaning that it's a slightly less strong and alcoholic gin to enjoy, particularly if you prefer a lighter but still traditional flavour. Caorunn (pronounced ka-roon) is a smallbatch Scottish gin from a distillery established in 1824. The gin features a unique infusion of five Celtic and six traditional gin botanicals, leaving it with a clean, crisp and aromatic taste. Whilst gin is a particular favourite drink of mine, it also makes a great gift to friends and family, and I always like to make unique and unusual brands gifts for my
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