Eyelash Extensions – The Process
You may or may not know that I get eyelash extensions twice a month. Since having them put in for a black-tie ball I have become addicted, I am not ashamed to admit and am now living in a cycle of infill's. I have had a few people ask about the process and so I thought a blog post would solve all questions! How long do they take to apply & how does it work? The original process of applying the extensions to 'empty' lashes takes around 2 hours. Prior to application your eyelashes will be wiped with make-up remover to take off any mascara, which could cause clumping of the eyelash extensions. You will then have a shield/guard applied to your bottom lashes so that they don't become stuck to your top lashes. Although I will warn you that occasionally they do manage to get stuck together and it is a tiny bit painful to separate them – but it's a quick process and no pain, no gain right?! Your therapist/beautician will then go between your 2 eyes applying the extensions to your own
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