9 Best IPS Gaming Monitor 2019 - Top Reviews and Buying Guide
IPS (In-Plane Switching) simply refers to how these types of panels are produced and what distinguishes them from other panels. In Plane Switching is nothing new; in fact, some of the higher end models have been using it for several years, like Lenovo and most notably, Apple. Despite their preference amongst the more prestigious manufacturers, some more affordable options can be found too if you look hard enough. Is IPS monitor good for gaming? Most gamers and design creatives prefer IPS monitors because of the vivid colors and their 8-bit interfaces versus the 6-bit versions on other monitors. This detail is often overlooked until you consider how well these monitors handle the gamuts like sRGB and Adobe RGB. If you've ever looked at an IPS monitor compared to others, you'll notice that the viewing angles make it possible for the screen to be comfortable to look at. Top Pick ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ 27" 4K IPS MONITOR The appearance of this monitor can best be described as beautiful