12 Best Gaming Mouse 2019 - Top Reviews and Buyer's Guide
Let's establish one thing: a simple point and click mouse will not cut it in top-tier gaming. Whether you are out to play a round or two in Overwatch, or you are just getting ready to dedicate a full night to playing 3v3 arena in World of Warcraft, you need an optimal gaming mouse to assure your victory. A good gaming mouse is a totally different beast than a standard mouse; in some situations, there are trigger buttons, mappable and swappable number keys, and sometimes, there are even weighting options. In any situation, if you want that extra edge, you are going to need to find out more about what makes a mouse good for a certain genre of gaming. While purchasing a competitive mouse may seem a bit extraneous, it's worth noting that many of the world's top gamers that have Twitch viewership numbers in the millions use VERY specialized gaming mice. This is because a good mouse for gaming will be more sturdy, more ergonomic, and more supportive for top-level gaming. Top Pick Razer