Day 20 - Carolyne Whelan
The thing that amazes me about my body is that I have no real perception of it, at least none that has any grounding in reality. Even so far as how my clothes are fitting is all based on relativity – jeans can shrink in the drawer if not worn for a while, right? So yesterday after Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X, I put on my new birthday dress and went out like a champion to eat a veggie burger with extra steak fries (Red Robbin doesn’t officially offer a free burger on birthdays anymore, but I explained my sob story of how we all used to get the emails about our free birthday burgers and no none of us have gotten them this year and it’s my birthday so is there anyway I could still and an overpriced ice cream and a glass of red wine with some awesome friends who love me despite my inability to properly time manage aka answer the phone or generally be available to hang outs like I used to. » Read more