The Gift of Peace This Christmas | Caroline Evans Hypnotherapy
I have lived through many Christmases. As a child, a teenager, a wife, a mother and now as a grandmother. I have spent them in this country and once or twice overseas on holiday in the warm sunshine. Most were memorable for happy and joyful reasons and some were not so good. Sometimes the festive season can be exhausting! Searching for that perfect gift or toy, either in the the overcrowded, hot shops or endlessly online. Time spent decorating, wrapping, food shopping, food preparation, marathon festive eating and drinking! For some the pressure of planning the 'perfect Christmas' on top of every-day life and work, can lead to high levels of stress - spending a lot of time running around other people may mean that less time is spent on taking care of yourself and your own needs at a time when you may need to the most. Think about this metaphor. On an aircraft in an emergency, you are instructed to put on your own oxygen mask before you attend to your young children. Our natural