Procrastination | Caroline Evans Hypnotherapy
I was asked recently, if Hypnotherapy can help with procrastination. I thought, how could I explain this without reeling off a list of top tips? Let's face it, procrastination isn't a conscious choice, and it can be very frustrating, demotivating, debilitating and miserable. So WHAT is procrastination? It's about avoiding something we don't really want to do. The 'pain of the moment'. If we feel negatively about the task at hand our anxiety rises, so to ease the discomfort we put it off for later. If you have a 'to do' list, how often do you do the easy, quick jobs first and put off the more involved or painful ones until later? When going through your emails, how often do you do the ones that involve a quick reply and the ones you don't want to do, you mark as unread and save for later? Sometimes the tasks are related to our work place and sometimes they're goals we've set for ourselves, that we never seem to make time for. Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument or