Hypnotherapy Relaxation Sessions | Caroline Evans Hypnotherapy
Deep relaxation is a lot more than just taking a few minutes out. It is a method of putting the body into a complete and encompassing state of relaxation that allows the mind to follow into a gentle and peaceful state, leaving a marvellous sense of lightness and tranquility that lingers for hours and even days. Sometimes, we don't take the opportunity to relax properly for months or even years and that's why Hypnotherapy Relaxation can be so useful. It allows you to let go and drop away all of the built-up tension and stresses that we hold onto. A Hypnotherapy Relaxation session is a simple procedure. At my therapy rooms in either Bagshot or Frimley, you will be invited to lie down and relax on the couch. I will then lead you through a guided step by step relaxation, leading your thoughts and mind away from the troubles of our busy lives into a place of peace and tranquility. No matter how hard you have found it to relax in the past, this practice and guidance will be invaluable in