Help Reduce Pain With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy | Caroline Evans Hypnotherapy
As we head towards a darker, colder and wetter autumn, it can be a time of the year when dull aches and niggles can bring our mood down. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, may be able to help if you are experiencing certain types of discomfort or chronic pain. When we experience pain, it can be a real drag and things we normally take in our stride can become overwhelming. Our ability to cope diminishes as our stress levels rise and our focus on the pain itself increases. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is designed to reduce our stress levels and help us to focus on the aspects of our lives that we enjoy and in turn, increase our ability to cope with the discomfort. The brain produces its own natural feel good chemical, serotonin, which helps us to cope with life and it can help us when we are dealing with pain. The therapy increases serotonin production by focusing on the positive areas of our lives from positive thinking to positive action and positive interaction. By focusing on these