Changing Our Habits | Caroline Evans Hypnotherapy
We'd all like to change some of our 'bad habits', nobody plans to procrastinate, but somehow, it just keeps happening. We may feel motivated one day, but then get into the routine of our lives and forget what we'd promised ourselves. Days, weeks, or even months go by and the results of our lives remain the same. We don't do anything differently, so nothing changes. There could be moments in life when we may sense that more is possible. To feel more confident, to stop worrying, to sleep better, to make healthier choices. Or it could be just taking some time out for a walk, experiencing a quiet moment at home, or driving home from work and catching a glimpse of a different kind of life for ourselves. We might even see ourselves being more, doing more, and experiencing more in life. The problem for some of us, is that we don't know how to accomplish the very thing that's calling to us. As good as our dreams feel, we can't visualize the dream for very long without doubts creeping in. We