Antique French Louis Philippe Gold Leaf Régence Mirror France circa 1880 (37
The elegant Régence cartouche seen at the top of this antique French Louis Philippe mirror circa 1880 gives this mirror a graceful presence and blends the simplicity of mid nineteenth century design with an earlier age. The original mirror glass wears its passage of time in a beautiful manner with the customary shading, foxing and speckling that makes antique glass so appealing. Be sure to enlarge and zoom on the photographs to see the details that make this antique gold leaf mirror so desirable. The sculpted cartouche at the top is centred upon a large seashell set within a scroll and flourish surround and embellished with open flower blossoms. The serpentine shaped top edge of the frame is unusual and causes the entire cartouche to drape and flow in an organic way as it approaches the left and right upper corners with their curved shape. The lower corners are rectangular while the outer edge of the entire antique French mirror is a raised rope twist pattern that coils around and around as it follows the shape of the mirror. Set adjacent to the antique mirror glass is a band of moulding with a symmetrical pattern of half circles. The overall effect is of symmetry and balance while the rich colour of the antique gold leaf gives a warmth and glow that remains entirely desirable.