Cape of Primates - Cape Point's chacma baboons
Cape of Primates - Don’t feed the chacma baboons! The Farmer Who Dressed Up as His Wife Of all the stories about baboons of the Western Cape, perhaps the most interesting is the one about the farmer who tried to trick a meddlesome troop by putting on his wife’s dress and a wig. Baboons are notorious chauvinists. They are, says Professor Robert Sapolsky, “the textbook example of a highly aggressive male dominated hierarchical society.” What’s really interesting is that this sexist behavior isn’t just limited to the animals’ internal social interactions; they affect how the baboons react to humans, too. When a troop of baboons sees a male human approach, they will sense a threat. Even young boys are treated with a measure of respect. But women are either ignored or even attacked by the larger males. In the early 1900s, a Cape Town farmer who lived in the area between Muizenberg and Steenberg was harassed by a troop of baboons. One day, his daughter was attacked by a baboon, and his wife