Music Monday: Vol 20
Hey guys, Happy First Music Monday of 2017! Here are a few of the songs I have been listening to this week. And I am completely revamping all the of the playlist! Its going to take some time but thats my goal this week! What are some playlist or songs you can't stop listening to? I kept hearing this song on the radio but I didn't recongize the band. So I found it any I wnated to share it with you incase you were wondering the same! Im really like this band, the sing song ness but also the rock with it. I can't wait to see what this group comes up with, its a different flavor of the genre. Ive seen NEEDTOBREATHE live 3 times and each time its been AMAZING. But this song was just so awesome to sing and dance along. This is one of my favorites off the album, I love the bass and guitar come together. The bridge is my favorite. I stumbled across this song on the radio and it was on the top 7 for alternative, I can see why. Its different but still catchy. I seriously can't wait to see him live this March I've dreamed about it since I listened to Something Corporate in middle school! This is one of Ed's new song, and I didnt know what to think at first and now I can't stop listening. I like his new sound, makes me excited for the new album! I like Adele's lighter (thats the best word I can think of) or more playful side with this album. She can do no wrong in my mind with her lyrics and voice.