Hiatuses & Storms Brewing
In the last several years while I have been building my brand, I have not ever abided by the term ‘hiatus’. In fact, when I hear the word, I cringe. Here’s why: In the entertainment industry, when anyone takes a ‘break’, it is interpreted (it seems) in several ways: the said party on the ‘break’ is either in rehab, their program has been cancelled, or there is a death. For me, there is always a negative connotation associated with the term ‘hiatus’ and it evokes the aforementioned imagery. Basically, in the entertainment industry, when you take a ‘hiatus’ of any sort, it is easily replaced with the newest, coolest, show, person, event, etc. and you are forgotten within a week. There is always so much going on in this industry that when there’s a halt in production on anything, it seems quickly forgotten. Aside from Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, and Friends, I have seen peoples’ interest quickly wane to the next best thing. I have spent six years building my brand to – take a hiatus??? What?! It’s ludicrous! Or is it? Every year, at the end of a school year, I would panic just. like. this. You see, I wasn’t like most kids. I loved being in school. I always felt in my element whenever I was surrounded by friends and learning something new. I have always been curious, and I have also always been very sociable. So, when summer would near, I would actually get really sad about it. It felt ‘cut off’ from my usual social network, envisioning long, rainy days and watching endless episodes of Scooby Doo with all my friends gone away on vacation. Yet, it never failed, just as the first of July Canada Day fireworks set off, I would be hopping sprinklers and getting into mischief with my girlfriends until the street lights came on (and in teen years, when the street lights went off, but that’s another story). By the end of August, I was replenished and ready for school again. This is that same feeling now, and yet even though I have this, ‘I’m-going-to-be-cut-off-from-socializing’ mind-set, I know it’s going to result in some pretty intense planning and cool new projects. My team and I have chosen the month of April to strategize and plan for the next ‘season’ of Podcast Episodes for ‘The Candice Anne Marshall Show’. This means: no shows for the month of April on my brand new podcast. Now, before you, my loyal listeners, hyperventilate too, you must know that when this was suggested to me, it initially sent me into a massive panic. Why? Read the paragraph before this one, and read it once more. Mentally, I was thinking of letting all of you who have participated so loyally (to my pre-recorded and live shows) down. ‘We literally just started this!’ I told my partner. ‘I know, so this is the perfect time to plan and strategize – all podcast shows go on ‘hiatus’ (there’s that ugly word again) to plan their next season so they can come back stronger than ever…’ If anyone knows me, they know that I am a woman of action. If I say I am going to do something, I do it, and going on a ‘break’ of any sort means not being a woman of my word. But even in this panicked state, what was being said to me made sense: In the last calendar year, I have launched and created a massive undertaking with podcast interviews and in doing so, have neglected my beginnings which is Starlight Music Chronicles. Yes, that’s my first baby, and as I was being reminded, it still needs nurturing and coddling alongside my podcast. It is, after all, the spark that lit the way to future possibilities like the podcast. Even as I type this, I already have a million ideas going round in my head. Rest assured, dear friends and followers, whatever I say is happening, it will happen. In the meantime, all exclusive interviews that initially aired on Limehead Radio from October 2017 to January 31st, 2018 have been uploaded (finally) to my podcast show (see below). This will give you, my loyal followers, a chance to catch up on all of my celebrity interviews to date while I am busy getting ready to launch more magnificence with my amazing team. So what does this really mean for ‘The Candice Anne Marshall Show’? Nothing. The program will continue after April and ample notice for the new ‘season’ will be well advertised (and you all know I am good at getting the news out!). I will be spending the month of April refreshing the SMC (Starlight Music Chronicles) Spotlight website with a new look along with more wicked content. I really encourage my new listeners to have a look at the SMC Spotlight exclusive interviews because I speak often about the Artists that are played on my show and my original interviews with them are posted there. I have interviews lined up with some pretty amazing talent both signed (music industry veterans) and independent artists in music for the SMC Spotlight throughout April and well into summer. I will also be launching a world premiere music video (shortly) for my dear friend Mr. Jason Anthoney Wright aka: Mr. Wright (directed and produced by Stephen David Brooks) complete with exclusive interview. So, in essence, even though I will not be podcasting this month, I will be still very active on Starlight Music Chronicles projects and behind the scenes planning for ‘The Candice Anne Marshall Show’. Of course, I will continue to post to this blog here as well. After the massive support from those closest to me both personally and professionally, I owe it to them to be my best self, and being my best self means giving 100 percent, 100 percent of the time and that means: power planning. There, I think I may have convinced myself that this ‘hiatus’ is for the good…..may have…..but then who knows? This could be that pivotal point on the brink of something spectacular, spurned simply by giving myself space and turning to my inner child for inspiration. You know, that summer-induced, youthful, euphoric time and place where the starlight shines brightest and the magic and creativity come from? I’m open to it. It now dawns on me that I never really have been predictable after all. Change is imminent, and a wicked storm is brewing. Team – let’s do this! Once again, I turn to music and imagery to inspire my post. Have a listen, read the words, watch the video, then close your eyes. Can you feel it? That summer sun is calling, and it’s magical. Candice Anne Marshall x RUNNING WITH THE BOYS – LIGHTS We were kind of feral Wicked, little machines Captains and cavalries Forming empires in the shade of the trees Without hesitation Kings of the forest town Holding the ocean down We were half this heavy and twice this loud [Chorus] So turn up the noise Dress to the nines Running with the boys Your hand in mine Singing every song, loving every line ‘Til the night is gone Just like the old times Just like the old times [Verse 2] Was what you made it We had our friends around All the images and sounds Super imposing to old backgrounds We used to be clumsy Lost in a thousands ways Captivated by the craze Those were hands down my favorite days [Chorus] So turn up the noise Dress to the nines Running with the boys Your hand in mine Singing every song, loving every line ‘Til the night is gone Just like the old times Just like the old times Just like the old times [Bridge] Suspicion wasn’t in our heads It was only underneath the beds, beds Saline eyes didn’t have to hide They were always open way too wide, way too wide [Chorus] So turn up the noise Dress to the nines Running with the boys Your hand in mine Singing every song, loving every line ‘Til the night is gone Just like the old times Just like the old times Just like the old times Just like the old times Just like the old times (We’re gonna have it all) ________________ Archived Limehead Radio Podcast Celebrity Interviews are here: Ken Caillat (October 2nd, 2017) Dacre Stoker (October 30th, 2017) Stephen David Brooks (October 31st, 2017) Reeve Carney (December 7th, 2017) John Ferriter (December 14th, 2017) Mike Rogers (December 21st, 2017) Dacre Stoker (January 18th, 2018) Stuart Epps (January 25th 2018) Bob Noval (February 1st 2018)