Importance Of Nutritious Food For Child Growth And Development
Importa ce Of Nutritious Food For Child Growth A d Developme t I this article, You will lear about importa ce of utritious food for child growth a d developme t. By givi g your child a healthy bala ced diet, you are e suri g that they are getti g all the esse tial vitami s, mi erals a d other utrie ts that childre eed for healthy growth a d developme t. Childre require a variety of utrie t-de se foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grai s, meat, fish a d adequate calories i order to grow a d develop properly. It’s crucial that your child is co sumi g the esse tial utrie ts she eeds to grow. Calcium is of particular importa ce for childre . A adequate calcium i take promotes optimal bo e de sity which will assist tee growth a d reduce the risk of bo e loss i [...]