Today's "Drawing a Day" – "Elephant Elegance"
"Elephant Elegance" Drawing by BZTAT Killing an animal just because you can only proves how small you are. Allowing the trophy hunting of elephants, as the Trump Administration has just done, further illuminates how much a farce our country's leadership is. I am incredulous at how heartless and self serving this administration is. I cannot help but allow it to influence my art. I celebrate the beauty and wonder in nature, and the elephant is one of the most wondrous of God's creation. I hope from the bottom of my heart that reckless policy and hateful humans do not allow them to disappear. For an artistic challenge, I am making a drawing every day in November. Each drawing will be placed for auction on here on my blog. These drawings will be fun images that will make nice gifts for the upcoming holidays. I have done "Drawing a Day" projects before, and they have been a lot of fun! You can follow each day's drawing by by subscribing to my my blog or by following my posts on