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Is Your Content Marketing Working For You ? First we need to answer a few questions about your content marketing writing and who are you writing for. Being clear about who you are writing for and market you are targeting gives you a more precise idea of what your content should sound like. Quick Question: Have you done your research before writing a word ? You are writing for an audience and expect your audience to read your content. So, Therefore you need to know if their is an Audience! The way you do this is by going over to Google Keyword Research Tool and search to see what words or phrases people are typing in related to what you would like to write about. Here is a video I recorded that shows you how to do a keyword research to find these words and phrases. Keyword Research Video -> How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition! Next your going to look at how you will structure your story and how you will deliver your punchline and how you will keep your
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