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Do You Have A Website And Depend On Organic Rankings In Google Since It Controls Over 60% Of The Search Market ? It implies that Google has a difference of opinion when it comes to giving websites credit to obtain and more importantly keep good rankings on Google. With this latest Narwhal Update, Now Google is focusing on Authority once again and implied links can contribute to ranking authority. What's an Implied Link? Read entire article at: but they say the following: An Implied Link is, Lets say the New York Times writes an article about your company but doesn't link to you (this happens a lot). No problem. Using contextual analysis, Google gives you credit for this "implied link" although no link is included in the article. This is the very nature of PR, getting the word out rather than focusing on inbound links. The first thing everyone says is, Press Releases and SEO are dead and we don't know how to rank a website without having to spend a lot of money. We have
Reinaldo Lopez