Patience Perseverance And Prudence Pays Respectively ? | Business Building Blueprints - Attraction Marketing Formula - Google SEO - Online Marketing Training
Patience Alone Without Perseverance or Prudence Is A Formula For Failure! Life is a difficult path to navigate and many times when obstacles get in the way we lose one of the 3 P's in our quest to achieve the results we are after. If you lose patience you lose focus and without focus you lose prudence and then perseverance takes the back seat and we wonder through life dealing with it's many challenges thrown at us. It is essential to develop ones mind first to fortify yourself from what is ever thrown at you during your travel of life and business. When you can find your zone then you know you have reached a place where you can assert patience in what you do, implement perseverance calmly and reach a threshold where prudence lies. In 1996 I suffered one of the most difficult challenges in my life journey and could have easily turned to less productive behaviors. These are the times when you have to reach deep and do soul searching to find what really matters and what is important in
Reinaldo Lopez