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My Journey ( If you want to reach the top you must go after it, it will not come to you ) Conquer Doi Inthanon 2014 - 2565 Meters Elevation or 8415 Feet Elevation When I first left the US Army and came back into the Civilian World as us military guys call it, I wondered what I was going to do. Quickly I went back to might roots of knowing and understanding automobiles and applied for a job as a car salesman. Ok, don't judge me just yet :-). I know some people have hard feelings about car salesman but hear me out. Once I started selling automobiles I studied the business from inside out and quickly moved up the ranks and moved into a Finance Manager and then a Sales Manager and things could not be any better. What I didn't understand is how the private sector worked. What I mean is, I was asked by upper management to train someone else on how to run the business not knowing that I was training my own replacement. One day I was called into the office and was told that, "My Services Were
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