How To Capitalize On Your "AHA" Moment | Business Building Blueprints - Attraction Marketing Formula - Google SEO - Online Marketing Training
Capitalize on that great idea or AHA moment you envisioned and realize those goals or lifestyle you've always wanted. What do I mean by this is ? When we see something through out the day that you believe you can improve on or maybe thinking about starting your own home based business out of a great idea or get an awesome idea about writing a great article, a blog post or what ever your creative mind comes up with then you start thinking in your mind about how can you can capitalize on this idea. This is your, " AHA Moment ". But most go through the day doing what they normally do at work or busy doing what ever their life demands and at the end of the day we forget what it was we where thinking about or forgot the details of the idea. So that "AHA" moment is lost forever. So, in order to capitalize on that idea you must take decisive and massive action or at minimum make notes with bullet points you came up with. So how do you capitalize on these ideas or thoughts? As Napoleon Hill
Reinaldo Lopez