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While it is true that the basics are still the same, the technology and how fast you can target your audience, generate free leads and prospects is lightning fast. Recently I'd been doing some self development and masterminding with some other leaders in the Internet Marketing space and what I discovered is nothing short of amazing considering I am usually up to date when it comes to this industry. One of my internet marketing friends asked me, " How did Facebook and Twitter get so big and profitable ? ". I had to think for a minute to come up with an answer. Surprisingly enough the answer was simple, they gave away their social media subscriptions for Free to generate thousands of free leads every single day. That is the secret to successful businesses online or off-line today, you can lure in readers, visitors and subscribers when they like, trust and don't see you as a scam artist. If you want to build a business and generate more leads online than any other way by starting to give
Reinaldo Lopez