Doing Niche Research And Market Research for Your Blog or Website | Business Building Blueprints - Attraction Marketing Formula - Google SEO - Online Marketing Training
What is Niche Research And Market Research? Niche Research and Market Research is finding an area of the market you want to build your blog on and who your customer is and what are they looking for. Here I will be going over the following: How do you find your Niche or Market ? Is there anyone looking for your niche, market or product? Is there a market for your product ? Who and What is your competition ? Where is your competition ? Here are some tools to find a market for your niche or product and how much competition you will have in your market. Google's Free Keyword Tool - What this tool does is search the Internet to find how many people are looking for what you have to offer. This tool also gives you information about your competition and how competitive they are. I have to emphasize that your market research is the most important part if you starting a business online. So, it is critical that you get this step right. Skipping over this step can be the difference between you
Reinaldo Lopez