Joe Pulitano
Drums There are lots of great memories from the last 10 years and its hard to pin down the best - however for me its real hard to beat the first time we played Brighton Music Hall, a place I used to frequent 30 years ago when it was called Harper's Ferry, never for a moment thinking that one day I will be playing on that stage." ~ Joseph Pulitano Joe was inspired to play drums in grade school after seeing the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan show. He played in several bands over the years such as the Ninth Wave, Manic Depression and the Golden Haze. He discovered the Grateful Dead in 1972 when he saw a poster of Jimi Hendrix, at party in a old Cambridge squatter's house, on which someone had written "I wish I could play like Jerry Garcia". Joe asked "who is Jerry Garcia?", The folks at the party hipped him to the Dead and it stuck like glue. Joe's musical interests followed the Rock Music of the '60s and early '70s with a particular interest in jam bands [...]