Jenna Markard
Vocals "My favorite gigs are the ones where the audience sings along and dances their butts off, we feed from their energy and the night becomes better for all involved, always at Harlow's and Stone Church and Brighton Music Hall. I liked the time we sold out up in Nashua at the Riverwalk Café and Bar even before sound check. ~ Jennifer Markard Jennifer Markard is a well known native New York Metro area musician. Working professionally for the last 26 years, both live and in session, her vocals are one of her strongest assets. She has recorded many songs and is widely recognized by her work as a founding member of The Zen Tricksters , one of the most successful jam bands ever. Jennifer ( "Jenna" for short) relocated to The Northeast where she lives in her music/art loft and continues her daily love of visual creativity and song composition. Dabbling on guitar, keys, harmonica, and computer she feeds her "never ending student of music curiosities". Often [...]