Day 3 - My first day in an MMO
When reading MMO blogs and reviews, praises and rants on games, I am always struck with the thought that we’re all chasing a falling star. As much as we hurry and chase it about, we can never catch it. Just about every MMO player I know fell in love with the first game they played. The game changer. Inevitably, no game can ever live up to the first heady days of MMO-dom. The veterans long for their dream sandbox like Ultima Online. PvP fanatics wax nostalgic about Dark Age of Camelot. Others wistfully remember their glory days in Everquest. Me, I wax poetic about how The Burning Crusade was my time of glory in World of Warcraft. I am not sure if I know any one MMO player who’s not nostalgic. We all try to re-create the wonder of our first days playing.