Muhammad Ali Retrospective | Boffo Socko Books
Written by Henry James Korn Paperback, 119 pages (Assembling Press, 1976) ISBN 0915066184 ebook, (Boffo Socko Books, June 2016) ISBN 978-1-943912-07-0 Buy Now on Amazon SUMMARY Dream-champion or media myth? The times and lives of a Heavyweight King, uncovering the startling yet profoundly plausible possibility that this eccentric hero might truly be the greatest man in the world. Muhammad Ali Retrospective by Henry James Korn is an innovative collection of stories, essays and articles by an award-winning author. REVIEWS AND COMMENTS "With the publication of Muhammad Ali Retrospective, Korn fulfills his promise and emerges as one of the most polished, expert professional writers on the scene. Korn is obviously derived from the School of Mailer but in a sense Korn has gone Mailer one step better and got rid of Mailer's looseness, loquacity, and omnipresent "I" without losing his specific hard-imaged language and psychological penetration. This book should be put on all required