Resilience – Part one | Body & Mind Workshop
Resilience - the mental and emotional strength muscle As the summer draws to an end and the days grow shorter and darker many of us seem to suffer from the lack of sun and heat which help us to be cheerful, relaxed and positive. Christmas is only a few weeks away and we are putting ourselves under pressure to get in bookings for family gatherings, holidays, buying and sending cards and presents for family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours etc. The pressure that we perceive raises our adrenaline and cortisol levels, our muscles contract and we become stressed, don't sleep well, we are tired and still try to fit everything in, we lose our confidence, get irritable or depressed more easily. All these symptoms are part of a completely natural process which humankind has developed long before we started working in offices, to a deadline, living in a society as a modern human being. Caveman, - woman and – child already had to battle with the same symptoms and have developed coping