National Safe Boating Week May 21 to 27, 2016 | Sea Tow Foundation
National Safe Boating Week runs May 21-27 and leads into Memorial Day weekend, which kicks off the boating season for much of America. The goal of National Safe Boating Week is to educate the public about the importance of following safe boating practices and wearing life jackets while on the water. Sea Tow Foundation offer the following five tips for staying safe while enjoying one of summer's most popular pastimes. . "National Safe Boating Week is the perfect time to share boating safety advice and tips with boaters; especially those in northern regions who are about to begin their season. It also provides an important reminder to year-round boaters in the southern regions," said Michael Wesolowski, Executive Director of the Sea Tow Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring that life jackets are available to anyone who may need them. In the past four years, the Foundation has helped to provide 35,000 life jackets to infants, children, youth and adults as part of its nationwide life