Asking Your Help to Make More Life Jackets Available | Sea Tow Foundation
As difficult as this is to write, two years ago a 5-year-old boy lost his life because he didn't have a life jacket. While visiting Buffalo River National Park, a father and two sons asked a park guide at the Visitor Center where they could enjoy the day swimming. Park Guide Terry Traywick showed the family where they could swim and returned to her typical duties. A short time passed and she received a call requesting help for an unresponsive 5-year-old boy who had gone underwater for a long period of time. After administering CPR, the child was completely unresponsive, and he passed away before medical crews could arrive. . Joyce Umbach As we have seen, sometimes tragedies in life lead to solutions that solve future problems. Park Guide Terry Traywick decided this child's death was a hard lesson to learn and if at all possible she didn't want another person to experience the same tragedy. She worked with her Park Ranger Joyce Umbach and Deputy Superintendent to partner with the Sea