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Do you have something to say? Consider writing posts for Blue Oklahoma. As part of a network of "Blue" blogs across the country, our site provides a unique platform for you to express your opinions about politics in Oklahoma and beyond. Email the editor via the contact page form and describe yourself and the issues you are most concerned about and why. We will get back with you, and if you qualify (see below), we'll set up an account so you can begin posting. If needed, tutorials on Wordpress will be provided. Sorry, at this time, there is no compensation for contributors. Requirements, more or less Who do we publish? First, we are primarily a community style blog for registered members of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. We will take occasional pieces from Oklahoma Independents and from Democrats outside the state who are writing on matters pertaining to Oklahoma. Secondly, we expect a decent ability to express ideas clearly and concisely. You don't have to be a great stylist, but just