It's (past) time for Oklahoma to raise its minimum wage | Blue Oklahoma
Last week, Missouri and our next door neighbor, Arkansas, passed minimum wage initiatives. Arkansas voters approved $11 by 2021, while those in Missouri went with $12 by 2023. It's time (past time!) for Oklahoma to join the many states that have exceeded the federal rate. BTW, AR's minimum wage was ALREADY higher than OK's. (OK has $7.25, which is the federal rate.) There is no longer a rational excuse about regional differences. Let's not let this economic justice bandwagon rush along without us! The campaign for higher minimum wages originated years ago in blue cities like New York and Seattle, but it's proving pretty popular in Trump country as well. Voters in both Arkansas and Missouri, two states that went strongly for President Donald Trump in 2016, passed ballot initiatives to increase the state minimum wage during Tuesday's midterm elections. ... Both measures enjoyed overwhelming support, with 68 percent of Arkansas voters and 62 percent of Missouri voters voting in favor.