State Question 788: Medicinal Marijuana Legalization | Blue Oklahoma
On June 26, 2018, the state of Oklahoma will vote on State Question 788. This could be one of the most important State Questions in modern Oklahoma history. For anybody that doesn't know, State Question 788 is the Medical Marijuana Legislation initiative. A vote yes, would support the measure to legalize the licensed cultivation, use and possession of cannabis for medicinal purposes. A vote no, would oppose the same measure. Let's go into a little bit deeper depth of what this measure would do if it was, in fact voted into law. While it would legalize the medical use of cannabis, a person couldn't just walk into their doctor's office and get a prescription. You would first need to obtain a state issued medical marijuana license. To get one, you would first need a board-certified physician's signature. A license would cost 100 dollars and it would last a total of two years. A person under the age of 18 would need the signatures of two physicians instead of just one and approval from his