GOP majority suppresses bills from Democratic legislators as punishment for Step Up failure | Blue Oklahoma
GOP Committees Hear Lowest Number of Minority Bills in Recent Memory OKLAHOMA CITY – Republican-controlled committees have once again put party over state by only passing 30 measures authored by House Democrats through the committee process. At a time when Oklahomans from both sides of the aisle expect their voices to be heard, House Republican leadership has elected not to listen to the people but instead have used committees to retaliate against Democrats who have chosen to listen to their constituents and stand against big business and special interests. Specifically, the minority caucus was notified that members who voted against the package would need to transfer their bills to other caucus members who were in favor of Step Up. One such measure, House Bill 2615, authored by Rep. Will Fourkiller (D-Stilwell), was transferred to another Democrat all due to Rep. Fourkiller's 'no' vote on Step Up – a vote requested by a majority of the constituents that contacted him. The measure