Discard Journalistic Tradition: We Need Bold Truth On The Sentence Level | Blue Oklahoma
(Given the dangers of the illegitimate presidency of Donald Trump, Blue Oklahoma will for now donate approximately half of its posts to national issues, especially those that raise the specter of contravening or threatening our country's democratic structures. What this means in a pragmatic sense is that every other post will focus on something that might be only tangentially related to Oklahoma.—Kurt Hochenauer) I read 140 front pages. The New York Times was the only paper to call Trump out for his brazen deceit yesterday.— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) January 22, 2017 It might seem counter productive right now to criticize the reporting in The New York Times given the grave threat this nation faces by the authoritarian President Donald Trump. We need as many reasoned, intelligent voices as possible. After all, we have been told that since the election subscriptions have increased "tenfold" at The Times, although it remains unclear to me just what type of