Oklahoma law restricting emergency contraception blocked in district court | Blue Oklahoma
Judge Lisa Davis granted a temporary injunction, blocking a law preventing over-the-counter sales of emergency contraceptiveToday District Judge Lisa Davis blocked a law that made emergency contraception less accessible to women in Oklahoma.Passed by the legislature with bipartisan support and signed by Governor Fallin this spring, HB 2226 made Oklahoma the only state with a law keeping the emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step behind the counter. The law requires that all women show identification to a pharmacist and teens have a prescription in order to purchase the contraceptive. Because of the judge's temporary restraining order, this law does not go into effect on Thursday as planned and the drug will be available for sale like all other over the counter drugs.Martha Skeeters speaks at press conference after ruling to block HB 2226 in Oklahoma. She is joined by Senator Connie Johnson and lawyers from the Center for Reproductive Rights. Plaintiffs in the