Storms Can Take Mental Toll | Blue Oklahoma
With at least 40 dead and hundreds more injured by tornadoes and flooding here in the last two weeks and with more severe weather in the forecast, it's time for all of us in this area to take a mental health inventory. I want to stress "all of us." Obviously, those directly affected by the destructive weather-losing loved ones, homes, other property, regular life routines-should be aware of the nature of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and how it can manifest itself in different ways. I'm sure counseling outreach efforts are underway in the most damaged areas of the metropolitan area. PTSD is an extremely major mental health condition. It should not be minimized, and people can get through it. But everyone who lives here right now is dealing with stress because of the weather. No one should diminish the impact of survivor's guilt on people who went supposedly unscathed by the violent weather. No one should be criticized for feeling rattled or glum over what has happened here.