The Oklahoman, Ogle Mock Occupy OKC | Blue Oklahoma
(My friend Patrick over at The Lost Ogle has a post up showing how a spokesperson for Occupy OKC was recently charged with domestic assault and battery. I agree with TLO's position that the local crew should vet its leaders more carefully, but, as I've written, this is a protest in progress.) If they want to know what they're up against locally, the Occupy OKC protesters need to look no further than a recent scathing editorial in The Oklahoman that labeled them "idiots." Of course, you can also read the editorial as a collective expression of deep fear among the local, corporate oligarchy, and in that sense it serves as a form of flattery, showing the protests are working on some level. The rhetorical attack, coming from one of the most conservative newspapers in the country, indicates the entire "Occupy" movement has the richest 1 percent of people throughout the world unnerved. In a Wednesday editorial ("Occupy Wall Street movement: Raging against what exactly?," Oct. 12, 2011), The