Chesapeake Attracts News Coverage | Blue Oklahoma
Chesapeake Energy Corp. Chief Executive Officer Aubrey McClendon and his company have been in the local and national news lately. On Saturday, The New York Times ran a story that cites evidence questioning whether gas companies have overstated how "easy and cheap" it is to extract from shale formations using hydraulic fracturing. Chesapeake and its drilling in the Barnett shale formation in Fort Worth are mentioned prominently in the story. Later, McClendon, pictured right, criticized the article. Last week, the Oklahoma Gazette ran a story outlining how McClendon was able to overcome a recommendation from an advisory firm that he not be retained as chairman of CEO's board by the company's shareholders. The story mentioned the advisory firm, Institutional Shareholder Services Proxy Advisory Services, also recommended that former U.S. Sen. Don Nickles not be retained on the board. The Gazette article also noted the paucity in coverage on McClendon's board issue in The Oklahoman