Which came first? The Chicken, Egg or Creationism? | Blue Oklahoma
Oklahoma public school districts face many difficulties. Budgets have been cut, teachers laid off, class sizes are increasing, national test scores indicating a need for improvement in all subject areas, and school districts have hardly enough money to repair their buildings. These are very real problems that loom large and impact the quality of education our kids receive. To solve these and other problems, we need the best thinking and wisdom that can be mustered; yet, it appears the most help our students will receive from the Statehouse this year is Senator Josh Brecheen's proposed legislation requiring that creationism be taught in all Oklahoma public schools. In a letter written to the Durant Daily Democrat (we have not edited for grammar or spelling) he concludes: In wrapping this up, I have introduced legislation requiring every publically funded Oklahoma school to teach the debate of creation vs. evolution using the known science, even that which conflicts with Darwin's