Second legislative scorecard is posted | Blue Oklahoma
I have just added another scorecard from my ongoing series that runs (more or less) weekly in The Edmond Sun newspaper. Visit ... to read the scorecard. Bills on this scorecard, our second for the 2010 session, are: * Senate Bill 1996: CompSource privatization * Senate Bill 847: Two-year "cooling-off" period before legislators may become lobbyists * Senate Bill 1973: Worker's comp overhaul * Senate Bill 1849: Legislative approval of agency rules * Senate Bill 1251: Domestic violence as a pre-existing condition * Senate Bill 1392: Drug tests for TANF recipients, elected officials and recipients of state tax credits * House Bill 1530: Health education in middle school * Senate Joint Resolution 59: "Opt out" of federal health care reform * Senate Joint Resolution 58: Asks Congress to exempt Oklahoma from health care reform and return