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Fighting terrorism the smart way 29 July, 2009 By Bryan Lower The new school of interrogators gets the goods on terrorists How to Break a Terrorist, Matthew Alexander with John R. Bruning, Free Press, New York, 2008. Inside the Wire, Erik Saar with Viveca Novak, Penguin Press, New York, 2005 We've heard the horror stories about the treatment of captured enemy combatants at the hands of American interrogators. Barack Obama and Dick Cheney have staked out territory on opposite sides of the debate about whether torture works. We on the outside can and have passed judgment on these matters, but we must base our judgments on evidence provided from those on the inside. That is why these two books by Erik Saar and Matthew Alexander are so important. For them, interrogation is not a theoretical abstract, it is palpable reality. Read the entire article here: ... Sign up for our email updates! Disagree with an article on Grindstone Journal? Write a response! Send a