Oklahoma Democrats Need 2010 Governor Win | Blue Oklahoma
U.S. Reps. Mary Fallin and Tom Cole said they are contemplating running for governor in 2010. The Republicans, pictured right, join Democrats Drew Edmondson, Oklahoma Attorney General, and Jari Askins, Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor, in publicly announcing they may run for the position. Current Gov. Grad Henry finishes his second and last term in 2010. All four potential candidates have solid name recognition throughout the state and could run competitive races depending on the particular political circumstances in 2010. If Republicans capture the governor's seat and maintain their majorities in the Oklahoma House and Senate, the state will obviously become even more conservative in its politics. This could isolate the state even more from the national political scene and further damage its image. This, in turn, could hurt economic development. The Republican fiscal ideology of the last eight years--many would say the last three decades--has been soundly repudiated and