David and Barack | Blue Oklahoma
"Senator Obama is also a person of sound and good judgment. He had the good judgment more than five years ago to warn against our involvement in this tragic and costly war. He also understands the need to repair our partnerships with other nations and to more effectively use diplomacy to serve our national interests."-David Boren David Boren's recent endorsement of Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama is an oasis of hope for the state when compared to Oklahoma's growing national reputation as a right-wing, intolerant haven for gay bashers and immigrant haters. His endorsement also could be read as a wake up call to academics in the state. In a statement related to the endorsement, Boren, pictured right, president of the University of Oklahoma, said, "I am joining Senator Barack Obama's advisory team on foreign policy and national security because I believe it is my duty as a citizen to do all I can to help our country at this critical moment. Our strength is declining.