Go West Virginia Blue! | Blue Oklahoma
We lost our wager with the progressive blog West Virginia Blue over yesterday's football game between the Mountaineers and Sooners. Since the Sooners lost (and, man, did they ever lose), blue oklahoma has to promote West Virginia Blue over the next couple of days. This is not a difficult task. West Virginia Blue is an excellent, progressive political blog. West Virginians should be as proud of this blog as they are about their football team right now. Here is the blog's mission statement: "West Virginia Blue is your home for Democratic politics, progressive policies, the good life and free living in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. We are dedicated to highlighting the work of West Virginia bloggers and fighting for progressive causes that benefit all of us here in West Virginia." The blog has featured recent posts dealing with the blogosphere's love of president contender John Edwards and the state's former Senate Minority Leader Vic Sprouse. The blog has a nice, clean layout with a lot