The 50-State Roundup | Blue Oklahoma
Welcome once again to the 50-State Blog Roundup, brought to you this week from LoadedOrygun's TJ, one of the state blog rookies. Treat him kindly... Alabama Left in Alabama Congressman Artur Davis's aides are dropping hints about a gubernatorial run in 2010. Arizona AZNetroots Got formaldehyde-laden trailers you need to get rid of? Bring 'em on down to Arizona, FEMA! California Calitics The California GOP is heavy in debt, can't pay the loans-- and it's making their position in budget battles look totally foolish. Colorado SquareState Colorado's congressional representatives Tom Tancredo goes national with an old Colorado ploy in his attack on SCHIP, holding child health care hostage over suspect claims of an issue concerning (guess what) immigration security.