If You're Tired Of Dainty College 'Rock,' Give Foals And Silversun Pickups A Try -
Let’s face it: Rock is dead. Don’t believe us? Take a look at’s list of top-selling musical acts of all time. “You guys are nuts!” you say. “The Beatles, Elvis, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC – the top of this list is almost nothing BUT rock!” Yes. That’s true. And, like we said, they’re all dead, literally, or soon will be. OK, maybe saying rock is dead is an overstatement. There is actually quite a bit of good rock music out there – as in guys who will do more than treat their electric guitars and drums like gentle flowers to be plucked daintily. It’s just really hard to find, since this is the kind of fruity-pants nonsense that qualifies as “rock” music in 2016. Christ. Give us Lady Gaga any day. But no safe spaces were violated by Wesley Schultz sashaying his pretty little self down the street, so there’s that. That’s not to say we don’t like everything that isn’t rock. For example, this weekend’s Moogfest, taking place just down the street from the Blooperman offices in Durham, N.C., will be a three-day barrage of electronic musical experimentation, and we can’t wait. But sometimes, don’t you just need a bassline holding four [...]