Muhammad Ali Was The Greatest Extrovert of All Times -
What I remember most is this epic right hand. Soft and leathery, itself like a worn out boxing glove, but massive with a quietly imposing size and weight. This hand knocked out Liston and Foreman. It brutalized Joe Frazier’s face on three occasions. It stood pat in defiance of the Vietnam War. This was the most accomplished human hand I ever shook. In the days since Muhammad Ali’s death, I’ve read and heard a lot of stories like mine. Stories about brief but uniquely personal interactions with The Greatest. I’ll tell you, it’s true. All of it. Even decades after he left boxing, and years after Parkinson’s had tensed its insidious grip, Ali was deeply engaged in an apparent mission to meet and know everybody. He was the greatest extrovert of all times. This man made his mark by beating up the baddest men on the planet. He fought segregation, a stodgy culture that wouldn’t call him by his chosen name, and he went head to head with the U.S. Government. Is there any more disarming sweetness than the idea that he also wanted everybody to be his friend? Well, he did. Trust me. I saw. I met Ali in the winter of 1997, just months after he became undisputed champion of the Summer [...]