Hurricane Patricia: The strongest storm ever! Or is it? -
By any measure, Hurricane Patricia is a beast. Since it’s rapid and possibly unprecedented strengthening earlier in the day, headlines have blared all over the internet about “The strongest hurricane ever recorded!” The guys at The Weather Channel are kicking themselves for using all of their doomsday adjectives on thunderstorms over Cedar City and had to settle for “Catastrophic Hurricane Patricia makes landfall!” “Winds That Will Pick Up An Aircraft Carrier But How Dare You Blame Global Warming!” trumpeted Fox News. (OK, I’m making that one up). I’m still not sure how to reconcile not wanting anyone to get hurt with my deep, primal desire to see hurricanes/earthquakes/tsunamis/volcanoes reach epic scale and destroy as many things as possible, but I admit it: I wanted Patricia to reach Category 11. I wanted 300 mph sustained winds. I wanted maximum carnage. So, naturally, I was relieved to learn this was finally it: The Big One. The king of all kings. The one ring to rule them all. And I was ready to come up with a list of the top, I don’t know, five of all time. Organizing the next four so it would all be in one tidy place when the next Patricia [...]