ACC Player Predictions: Who's Staying and Who's Going -
Following is a transcript of a segment from Blooperman Podcast, Episode 30, in which Ron and Mike predict which ACC players would declare early for the NBA draft. Enjoy! Drew: “Welcome back to the Blooperman Podcast. I’m Drew Adams. I’m here with Ron Wagner and Mike Adams. It’s time for a special round of “Buy, Sell or Hold,” but we’re gonna rename it “Staying or Going.” (laughter) So I’ll say the name of a basketball player and both of you guys can weigh in…” Ron: “An ACC player.” Drew: “An ACC basketball player – a player from ACC – both of you can weigh in or ponder the staying or going. Alright. Sound good? So UNC loses some seniors this year: Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks and Nate Brit. So, um, out of the ones that aren’t seniors, staying or going. Justin Jackson? Ron you go first.” Ron Wagner: “Going.” Drew: “Justin is a junior; he’s a junior.” Mike Adams: “I’m gonna say … he’s staying unless they win the championship.” Ron: “Ooh, why would you say that? ACC Player of the Year, made a massive jump from sophomore to junior year. What does he have to gain by going back?” Mike: “He’s staying, [...]